Exhibition build up 2015

Describing the forthcoming exhibition called, London Ancient and Modern.  December 2015

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Weathered stone under steel and glass

Description of new art collection being painted at the studio.

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New Site - Old Style

Just as in my Painting I try to keep things elegant and traditional, this new web site is a design upgrade from my last site, without reinventing the whole plan.  The dot key at the top is a loose indication of the status of the paintings, but prints can be made of most of my works.

In the Studio I am putting the finishing touches to my D-Day painting for the Inns of Court & City Yeomanry.  I use August as a time to clear out all unfinished work and I have finally found time to start a new exhibition project.  During September I am going on canoe expedition with Miss Jewell in this glorious weather we don't seem to be having... whose idea was that! 

I will start a big commission for the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers if I survive...

Getting to Patrol Base PRICE

I have just come back from Helmand Province with the 4th Battalion the Rifles. I took all my oils and everything else I could think of packed in to my new tactical metal case. The flight over there was a story in itself, but the RAF always likes to add a twist to an adventure, and in the end I arrived at Camp Bastion with all my kit in good nick. I spend the first 3 days drawing portraits, painting from 'Sangars' (watch towers) at dawn, and getting used to the heat during physical training. One thing of particular note were the astonishingly good curries!

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New Mountains to Climb!

On Monday I went to the same camp that I deployed to Bosnia from in 1996, West down camp, in the middle of Salisbury Plain. I had an interview the 4thBattalion, the Rifles and by the end I was declared the War artist for Rifles of which there are 7 Battalions! After the meeting in the camp car park the Inns of Court Yeomanry called and told me to paint D-Day. Thus on the drive back to London I did not need Redbull to keep awake at the wheel! This after a rather trying cold February was a wonderful change of gear. Now all I have to do is find a sunny day with a Dingo armoured car, and get fit for Afghanistan.

After the Hangover

The exhibition and December party season is over and in the snow of January I can look back at the exhibition. In the end there were 3 very well turned out views and the last one was the biggest and sold the most. Prints and paintings have been selling well since the exhibition and I have some wonderful commissions in the pipe line. The exhibition made a good profit.

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