Sales & enquiries

How to commission a Portrait

To commission a painting all you need is a little imagination and enthusiasm. What ever you would like to immortalise on canvas can be placed in a painting either as an object or in symbolic metaphor. Let the painter get to know you a little bit and then the artist can arrange a subtle composition. Don't let reality be an obstacle, use as much licence as you wish. In a normal portrait try to make time to sit for Hugh at least 4 times. A sitting is usually 2-3 hours modelling, you don't have to sit still for long and Hugh is known for his lively conversation! If you are very short on time, sittings can be half an hour.  Prices start at £1000.  Direct e-mail

Photographic Prints

All paintings can be reproduced as photographic prints, £40-90 each.

Lithographic Prints

A2 Lithographic prints have been produced for some paintings in batches of more than 500 copies. When available they cost approximately £60 each.

Landscape Paintings for sale

Some of the paintings on this site are for sale, mainly in the Picturesque category. 

The cost of a small landscape painting is between £600 & £1,000. Please contact Hugh for details.